Aquarion Evol 

Description:  Twelve thousand years ago, after the fierce battles with Aquarions that became legendary... people are living in fear from the abduction of Abductors who descend from another dimension.

Aquarea, the joined weapon opposes to this. Dating and unification between guys and girls are prohibited even with that crafts as well as the elements candidates from the school.

However the fateful encounter between the lonely guy Amata and a girl Mikono changes everything. Now love prohibited, new Unification Legend is ready to activate!

Status: 26/26 + *Bonus Music Video
Duration: 24 mins per episode
Source: Bluray
Censorship: Uncensored
Chaptered: Yes
Subs: gg
Bit Depth: 10 Bit
Video: 1280x720 & 1920x1080
Audio:  720p (AAC) & 1080p (FLAC)   

 Creditless OP/ED 

OP1 | OP2ED1 | ED2
OP1 | OP2ED1 | ED2

*Bonus Music Video
(Zero Zero by Akino from bless4) 
Music Video
Music Video

Final Torrent  

Aquarion Evol  DDL Library

720p - FileFactory | MEGA
1080p -
FileFactory | MEGA 


*Note: ALL of FileFactory DDL got removed due to DMCA 
*Note: The  bonus episode came on volume 9 and is a music video titled "Zero Zero" by Akino from bless4
(be advised, this music video contains spoilers as it shows varies footage throughout the series)

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