Break Blade 01-03 (Bluray 10-bit)
October 24, 2014   

Scryed Alteration Movie #2 Update
Acquired BD Source:   Complete
Additional TL:               Complete
Edit #1:                          Complete
Edit #2:                          Complete
Edit #3:                          Complete
Timing:                          Complete
Encoding:                     Complete
Typesetting:                  Complete
QC:                                 In-Progress
Scryed Alteration Movie #1 - Complete

Last Updated: 10/24/14       

Yes... I'm still retiring; however I want to retire with 50 completed projects under my belt and Break Blade 2014 (TV series) will be my 50th title, once I finish it. 

A few things about this title I picked up.

1) Even though gg didn't do the TV series... the subs are identical to the movies (8 episodes in); however the latter episodes are different from the movies (new scenes).
2) There are a few specials for this series that I'll need help with, so if you know Japanese and are willing to help translate, let me know.

On a different note, Scryed Quan is coming along nicely and is still being worked on, although many people are asking for specific dates of when this'll be released... hell, even I don't know that, so please be patient and it'll be out soon. 

As usual, DDLs (Episodes) can be located here: Break Blade 2014

Enjoy Break Blade 2014!

Anime Info

AAC (720p)
FLAC (1080p) 

Episode 01
720p - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent
1080p - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent 

Episode 02
720p - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent
1080p - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent 

Episode 03
720p - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent
1080p - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent  

Tales of Symphonia - United World - 3rd Season 01-03 (Bluray 10-bit)
October 18, 2014   

 TOS 3rd and final season remastered!

Besides the higher BD quality there were a few changes between this release and the previous release (DVD 848x480):

1) Minor timing corrections
2) Minor grammar corrections
3) Higher bit rate 

This completes the promise I made to complete this whole series again in BD quality.

As mentioned in the previous entry, I'll be picking up Break Blade 2014 TV series (reasons stated in the previous entry of why I'm doing this).  However, I'm still looking for any translators interested helping with the specials.

What remains: MushibugyouScryed Tao, Scryed Quan, Tales of Symphonia S3, Outbreak Company, Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou and Break Blade

As usual, DDLs (Episodes) can be located here: Tales of Symphonia 3rd Season

Enjoy Tales of Symphonia 3rd Season

Final Torrent
720p - Torrent 1-3

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