(Bluray 10-bit)
September 27, 2014  

Scryed Alteration Movie #2 Update
Acquired BD Source:   Complete
Additional TL:               In-Progress
Edit #1:                          Complete
Edit #2:                          Complete
Edit #3:                          In-Progress
Timing:                          Requesting Help
Encoding:                     Complete
Typesetting:                  N/A
QC:                                 N/A
Scryed Alteration Movie #1 - Complete

Last Updated: 9/27/14  

For the few that have been waiting for Mushibugyou in BD (of course), here is the completion of this series.  I forget if I had to buy off the final 3 or 4 volumes, but thanks to the kind donations that made it possible completing this series.

I won't be doing the OVAs since they're already being done, plus I really wasn't a fan of this series, so I suggest getting the OVAs from the fansub groups that are doing them.

Quality difference can be seen here: HorribleSubs HDTV 720p vs Final8 BD 720p

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED and Episodes) can be located here: Mushibugyou

Enjoy these episodes! 

Final Torrent
720p - Torrent 1-26

Outbreak Company 05-06 (Bluray 10-bit)
September 19, 2014   

Look what's back?!  Since my last release for this series was in early February there have been no BDMVs surprisingly.  As promised, I've purchased the next 2 volumes (episodes 05-08).  The pictures above are the BD case and booklet (enjoy) for each volume that was purchased.

Since releasing Scryed Tao, not much progress has been made, but that's ok, since these movies had no subs for almost 3 whole years... a few more weeks for the last movie ain't so bad.

Mushibugyou will probably be my next release to finally wrap up this series I started a while ago (how time flies, right?).

Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou will probably have no BDMVs that'll get release considering its been about 8 months since the last BDMV that was released for volume 2.  With that said, I'll most likely wait the rest of this year and if nothing is out, I'll most likely drop this series... sucks, how my last possible series will probably getting dropped making it my 1st dropped series, so we'll have to wait and see on this series.

Tales of Symphonia S3 will get released somewhere down the line.

Coppelion episode 3 (720p only) has been re-released to fix the MUXing derp.  You can download various forms of v3 here.

Lastly, since announcing my retirement which seems like forever ago (April-ish), I've been trying to leave the right way, which is completing everything I've picked up (probably won't happen for Genei wo Kakeru).  I can't stress enough the appreciation and support fans have given me throughout the years, a lot of these series were able to get complete due to this.  I'll repeat this again closer to the date when I've completed all my projects; but, its been a fun ride and thanks.

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED and Episodes) can be located here: Outbreak Company

Enjoy these episodes!  

Mid-Final Torrent
720p - Torrent 1-6
1080p - Torrent 1-6

Scryed Alteration Tao (Bluray 10-bit)
September 03, 2014 

I'm proud to present, Scryed Alteration Movie #1 (Tao).  Before anything, let me acknowledge the individuals that made this possible:
Additional TL:              Dmonhiro, sputnik
Edit 1, 2 and 3:            stilzkin, 
RantingCrow and Final8
Timing:                          Final8
Encoding:                     Final8
Typesetting:                 Nyann
QC:                                 Final8, Nyann

Tao was a lot of work and hope you enjoy this movie.  Some fun facts about Tao.

This movie was released November 19, 2011 & Final8 was created November 28, 2011.  Total encoding time for 480p (9 hours), 720p (15 hours) and 1080p (35 hours) took a total of 59 hours.

Quan is currently being worked on, but will take some time as there is a lot of new footage (including a new ending) that will require TL'ing.

As usual, DDLs (Movies) can be located here: Scryed Alteration

Enjoy Scryed Alteration Tao

Scryed Alteration Tao
480p (AAC 2.0) - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent 
720p (AAC 5.1) - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent
1080p (FLAC 5.1) - 1Fichier | FF Part 1
FF Part 2 | FF Part 3Torrent 

Note: For those that have or haven't noticed, the past few days Nyaa has been getting DDoS attacked, which has taken the whole site down.  This is the reason why Scryed Tao doesn't have a link to the torrents since its not available.  I'll upload 480/720/1080p on my xdcc bot until Nyaa gets fixed and then it'll just be 720p. 
Note1: Nyaa back up and torrents have been uploaded!

 Tales of Symphonia - Tethe`alla - 2nd Season 01-04 (Bluray 10-bit)
August 21, 2014

 TOS 2nd season remastered!

Besides the higher BD quality there were a few changes between this release and the previous release (DVD 1024x576):

1) Minor timing corrections
2) Minor grammar corrections
3) Higher 
bit rate

Also, Scryed Movie #1 (Tao) is on the verge of being completed!  In fact, I could release it now and I think it would be a solid release; however, I'd like to have this QC'ed by someone other than myself as there could be minor things I could've overlooked.

Which stalled project should I pick?
Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou
Outbreak Company
create a poll

Moving forward to Scryed Movie #2 (Quan), I think I have editor #1 & #2, translator and typesetter all set up; however, I still need a timer as I did that for Movie #1.

Lastly, Outbreak Company is winning in a land slide in the poll.  The only thing that is preventing me buying the BDs now is waiting until September to come in the hopes that from the remaining of August to September 1st, the BDMVs get released, although I really doubt it.  Lol, I just have this feeling that the moment I buy these volumes, the BDMVs will get released to the public.

As usual, DDLs (Episodes) can be located here: Tales of Symphonia 2nd Season

Enjoy Tales of Symphonia 2nd Season

Final Torrent
720p - Torrent 1-4

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