Tales of Symphonia - Tethe`alla - 2nd Season 01-04 (Bluray 10-bit)
August 21, 2014

Scryed Alteration Movie #1 Update
Acquired BD Source:   Complete
Additional TL:               Complete
Edit #1:                          Complete
Edit #2:                          Complete
Edit #3:                          Complete
Timing:                          Complete
Encoding:                     Complete
Typesetting:                  Complete
QC:                                In-Progress
Last Updated: 8/22/14 

 TOS 2nd season remastered!

Besides the higher BD quality there were a few changes between this release and the previous release (DVD 1024x576):

1) Minor timing corrections
2) Minor grammar corrections
3) Higher 
bit rate

Also, Scryed Movie #1 (Tao) is on the verge of being completed!  In fact, I could release it now and I think it would be a solid release; however, I'd like to have this QC'ed by someone other than myself as there could be minor things I could've overlooked.

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Outbreak Company
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Moving forward to Scryed Movie #2 (Quan), I think I have editor #1 & #2, translator and typesetter all set up; however, I still need a timer as I did that for Movie #1.

Lastly, Outbreak Company is winning in a land slide in the poll.  The only thing that is preventing me buying the BDs now is waiting until September to come in the hopes that from the remaining of August to September 1st, the BDMVs get released, although I really doubt it.  Lol, I just have this feeling that the moment I buy these volumes, the BDMVs will get released to the public.

As usual, DDLs (Episodes) can be located here: Tales of Symphonia 2nd Season

Enjoy Tales of Symphonia 2nd Season

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