3 Year Anniversary
March 25, 2018
So believe it or not, I've been retired from encoding for 3 years... how time flies, right?  Looks like I stopped at the right time, since fansubbing is slowly dying with CR and dubs being more popular.

Anyways, surprisingly I still get emails and comments to seed torrents or fix broken DDLs.  Earlier this year, all of my files were removed from 1Fichier (it was the 2nd DDL site I hosted my files... primary being FileFactory).  Considering I still get numerous requests about my releases, I've decided to upload all my files to MEGA.  I have about 1TB worth of files and due to my internet restrictions, this process will take time.  

However, you can see the process here Google Sheets of what shows I've done that have been uploaded to MEGA.  With all the support I was given over the years, let me say thank you and provide more ways to be able to get my stuff.

Cheers and take care everyone!

Update 1: I'm also updating all of the torrent links to redirect to Nyaa.si
Update 2: Uploading files to MEGA in progress - live progress here
Update 3: I'm 100% done uploading my files to MEGA - 6/9/18

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End of an Era
May 20, 2017

Sup everyone.  I know this is old news, but as many of you out there know... Nyaa Torrents has permanently shutdown. There are various reasons as to why and rumblings of a replacement to NT; however, NT was the primary torrent site I uploaded my anime to.  Unfortunately I do not plan on re-uploading my anime to other torrent sites.  Most of my files (if not all) can be found in the DDL section of each anime project I worked on that I try to keep up to date.  Besides that, you can try BBT or searching Google.

If NT was your primary torrent site, you can try these other torrent sites.

This was a friendly message from Final8.

Take care guys!

Update 1: Looks like many of my projects can be found here
Update 2: Nyaa.si works

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February 09, 2016

Hello guys!  It's been awhile since I updated this site (almost forgot how... lol).  A few things:

No I'm not coming back.  I'm very much enjoying my time not doing anything fansub related.

In January 2016 I came to the decision to discontinue my XDCC bot as I was still paying for the bot.  I paid for the bot 9+ months after I retired as a thank you for being such cool fans over the years.  However, traffic has significantly decreased and rightfully so, thus I decided to bring down the bot.  I wanted to let everyone know as I've started getting emails and comments from you guys, so I wanted to let you guys know why.

The door still remains open if you want a batch seeded (has to be something I did).  Just go to the comments or email me the series and resolution and I'll seed it, just keep in mind of my bandwidth limitations, but I'll do my best.

Also, I try to keep my DDLs up to date for those that still use it to download my previous projects.  Let me know if something is not available and I'll look into it.

It was fun bringing all these projects to everyone.  Thank you for the support over all the years I did this!  

Take care guys! 


Welcome to Final 8!
May 02, 2015    

Hi everyone!  If you are seeing this, this means that Final 8 BD group has retired... lol, I make it sound like a group, but it was just one person giving you all these releases over the years.  Anyways, I've retired with a very small chance of coming back or working on another series on the side.  

Below are easy to access and helpful pieces of information one might need on re-seeding torrents, donations, etc.

What Final8 has Done
To see everything I've done over the past 3 years, you can click on "Projects + DDL" (located top of this page) or here.  Once there you can CTRL + F and find something click on that title and see the various ways to download an episode or series.

Can I Still Make Requests to Final8?
You can, but just keep in mind that the chances of me actually doing that request are very small, especially now that I'm retired.  The only realistic way I see happening for me to actually do something, was if a major title were to come out... like Attack on Titan or Full Metal Alchemist... big titles like that and NO other BD group picked it up, then I might do something about it.  So short answer, you can request something, just don't get your hopes up.

I will try to keep my bot alive as long as possible, but that really depends on if I wanna keep paying monthly fees with me being retired and all.  In the mean time, the bot list can be seen at "XDCC" (located top of this page) or

If you want to download something via XDCC bot, chat or anything else, I do have a MIRC channel @ 
irc.rizon.net #Final8

If you would like to donate any funds so I can continue hosting my xdcc bot (contains all my 720p releases) and seedbox, that would be very helpful.  To donate,
please go here

Report Dead DDL Links
If you happen to click on a DDL link and it no longer works, you can report it to "Dead DDL Links" (located top of this page) or here.  Please tell me the title, episode and resolution.

Reseed an Older Series
If you want me to re-seed an older series, please let me know in the comments with the following information "title & resolution".  If I get a vague request to just re-seed a title and no other information, that request will be ignored.  Once a valid request is submitted, I'll do my very best to response and seed that torrent as soon as I can.

Contact Me
There are various ways to contact me if you wish to do so... through comments, email or IRC.  Email is in the "Contact Me" tab 
(located top of this page) or here.

It's been a fun ride and I can't believe that in the 3+ years I've been doing this, that I can say that I worked on 50 titles and ALL of them were completed!

For all my fans out there that have giving me support and donations over the years, I can truly say that without you guys, no way would I have done this for 3+ years, so thank all you guys!


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