Bad Subtitles 

Good Subtitles 

 So its being coming to my attention that a lot of people are having trouble with my subs when they shouldn't.  And there can be a lot of reasons why you are getting bad subs.

First off, I use some of the latest codecs (10bit, x264, FLAC) to encode the episodes you watch which means your codecs need to be up to date.  So here are some solutions to your problems:

1) Make sure you have the latest codecs.  I recommend CCCP or K-Lite (the full version should be plenty)
*Make sure you only download one codec and not both as this will cause conflicts and will cause more harm than good.*
**Ex. Download CCCP -> don't download K-Lite and vice versa**

2) Don't use VLC!!!  This player is faulty and bad.  You can have the latest codecs and if you use VLC it'd still look like the picture on the top left.  When you download CCCP or K-Lite, you are given MPC (Media Player Classic).  This is the player I use and should work for you.

3) Re-install your codec.  So you might already have the latest codec and still get bad subs.  Well this happened to me too.  For whatever reason, every episode I played had the same default font (which was bad).  In this scenario, just re-install your codec or re-download a fresh codec and it should fix your problem as it did to me.  Not really sure why this happens, but the solution is simple though.  Uninstall -> re-install -> watch anime again

I'm pretty sure there are other solutions but these are the main ones.

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