On a random day I decided to encode HD anime.  No, I don't plan on being a fansub group, but more of a Bluray/DVD release group.  Meaning, once the Bluray/DVD source is available, I will take the best fansub group subtitles and slap them on to the Bluray/DVD.  Sounds simple, no?  Surprisingly  not that many groups do it.  

What my intentions are is to provide to you anime that no HD group has picked up or to re-release older anime in HD quality (if the HD source is available)

I'm fairly new to encoding, typesetting, timing business, so bear with me at first.  If I release something and you wanted a different audio format, file size, container format or whatever the case may be, there is always the alternative options: A) get it from another group or B) encode the anime yourself.  Now, if there is an obvious fuck up, like a line doesn't appear in a timely fashion or something like this, then look me up and let me know and I'll correct the issue and re-release the episode. 

Where did Final 8 come from?  It came from Final Fantasy 8.  Final Fantasy 8 is my best Final Fantasy game, but people might say, what about 7 and don't get me wrong, it was an awesome game and probably would have been my best game in the franchise, but Final Fantasy 8 was my first ever game to this franchise and I loved it and besides, doesn't FInal 8 look cool?  No?  Well screw you guys, it does to me.  Just kidding.

As mentioned above, if you guys have questions about anything or complaints, you know how to find me.

I have officially retired as of April 2015, but I was a one man team for little over 3 years that provided you 50 titles without dropping a single one.  It was fun providing fans Blurays that at the time no other Bluray group had done, along with stuff I wanted to do... but as the commonly used phrase goes... "all good things must come to an end".

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