Amagami SS Plus

Description:  Amagami SS+ continues to follow the life of Junichi Tachibana after the events of Amagami SS. Much like its predecessor, it is arranged in an omnibus format. Each character arc receives two additional episodes which expand on Junichi's relationship with each girl following the closing episodes of Amagami SS. 

Status: 13/13 + 7/7 Special
Duration: 24 mins per episode
Source: Bluray
Censorship: Uncensored
Chaptered: Yes
Subs: UTW
Specials: Doutei 
Bit Depth: 10 Bit
Video: 1280x720 & 1920x1080
Audio:  720p (AAC) & 1080p (FLAC) 

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 Amagami SS+ DDL Library 

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