Aquarion Evol 22-26 + Bonus Music Video (Bluray 10-bit)
June 03, 2013    

The crazy insert song series known as Aquarion Evol is complete! 

Initially this series was a lot of fun to do, but towards the end it got very taxing... hell, episode 24 had 4 songs in it and episode 26 had freaken 6 songs in it.  Speaking of episode 26... that episode is a director's cut, meaning it has additional content.  The normal TV of episode 26 was 24:09 mins long, but the BD director's cut is 30:09 mins long... a full 6 mins of additional stuff.

Well, take 3 mins away from that equation as the TV version did not include the OP/ED while the director's cut did, but there are extended scenes.

The last volume had a bonus music video called "Zero Zero" by Akino from bless4.  This song was also in the last episode.  Be advised, this music video contains spoilers as it shows varies footage throughout the series.

I already have the next batch of Chuunibyou complete and will be my next release in probably a week or so after I seed this series which is my biggest (in terms of filesize) series I've done to date, so it'll take time to seed.

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED + Episodes) can be located here: Aquarion Evol 

Torrent 1-26
720p - Torrent 1-26 + Bonus Music Video
1080p - Torrent 1-26 + Bonus Music Video

Status on Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica Episodes 9+
May 29, 2013  

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Earlier today, I went ahead and made the purchase to buy the last 2 volumes for Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica.

A few things: 1) Bloody expensive, 2) I want to finish this project as much as you do too, 3) Paypal donations used appropriately

So, I've never made a purchase in Asia... scratch that, I bought college books from Asia before and from what I remember, it took a few weeks for it to arrive in my possession.  I used the not too expensive and not too cheap method of shipping, so 2-3 weeks should be when I can expect this to arrive.

It's been 4 months since volume 5 came out and still no indication of an acceptable BD source.  As I have told many of you in the past, I'm aware of the shitty raws that are out now and trust me, I came close to using them, but while I was watching them, I was like "this is crap... not sure how much my encoding will fix an already crappy source".  So instead of wasting my time on figuring out how I can make a crappy BD source doable, I'd prefer to get the source straight from the disk itself.

Now I gotta figure out how to rip the information from the disk and encode it, should be easy... I hope.

Aquarion Evol 16-21 (Bluray 10-bit)
May 28, 2013   

Almost there!

I added 1 extra episode in this release.  It was either 1 extra episode in this release or the next one... I chose this release.  I'm also half way done with the remaining episodes for Evol, so expect the final batch within the next few weeks.

With Evol almost finished, I've decided to pick up Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna
The BDs really aren't needed for this series as the TV source quality was pretty good, but the BDs are better plus I've been a Lupin III fan for a while... I remember watching this series on Cartoon Network a few years ago.

I'm still looking for other projects to pick up (have a few already in mind), but nothing set in stone right now besides Lupin III.

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED + Episodes) can be located here: Aquarion Evol 

Torrent 16-21
720p - Torrent 16-21
1080p - Torrent 16-21

Note: I've added more future projects... while nothing is guaranteed for these titles, its something I have my eye on.

Ebiten 01-10 + Specials 01-05 (Bluray 10-bit)
May 24, 2013   

Ebiten complete!

Sorry for the delay, I had this series done for a few days ago, but as you can see in the Ebiten page, there was a shit load of stuff I needed to upload for DDL which delayed the process a bit, but I think it was worth the extra time, that way you the viewer have multiple options to download this series.

Also, included in this batch are the 5 specials and the 10 creditless ED with substitles.

With Ebiten complete, I filled my pledge that I would not pick up a new series until I completed 3 existing titles I had ongoing (Horizon II, Ebiten and Tales of Symphonia 3rd Season).

I'm not sure what new projects I'll pick up, but at least for now, I'm making good progress on my ongoing projects.

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED + Episodes + Specials) can be located here: Ebiten

Enjoy this series!

Torrent 1-10 + Specials
720p - Torrent 1-10 + 1-5 Specials 
1080p - Torrent 1-10 + 1-5 Specials 

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Flac (1080p)
AAC (720p) 
Aquarion Evol 11-15 (Bluray 10-bit)
May 16, 2013  

Trying to catch up...

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED + Episodes) can be located here: Aquarion Evol 

Torrent 11-15
720p - Torrent 11-15
1080p - Torrent 11-15

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II 10-13 (Bluray 10-bit)
May 11, 2013 

Another series complete!

I wasn't a big fan of this series... scratch that, I didn't like this series at all, but I'm sure there are those that did and will appreciate the 720p version since that was my only reason I decided to pick this series up.

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED + Episodes) can be located here: Horizon II

Enjoy this series!

Torrent 1-13
720p - Torrent 1-13
1080p - Torrent 1-13

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 04-06 + Specials 2-3 (Bluray 10-bit)
May 06, 2013 


A few things about this series thus far.  I still enjoy it, probably my favorite project I'm working on now.  Also, I fixed the URW effects for the ED as well as the the timing for the OP that causes seizures.  With that said, with the project going onwards... hopefully there won't be anymore v2s.

When I batch this off, I'll release a v3 for episodes 1-3 to correct missing fonts, miss timed URW OP, correct URW ED effects and a minor MUXing glitch in episode 3.

Here is a status on my other projects:
1) Aquarion Evol, Horizon II and Chuunibyou - are all being worked on, so expect more releases soon.
2) Ebiten - have not touched this project yet other than encoding, I'm focusing on the other projects, but as mentioned, this project will be a batch only project, meaning once all 10 eps, 5 specials and 10 EDs are done, then I'll release it.
3) Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica - no valid source thus far for eps 9+.  If by the time I get through all my other projects and there are still no valid or legitimate sources for this series... I'm considering using the donations I was given in April to buy the last 2 remaining volumes at $80 freaken bucks a volume.... bloody rip off.
4) Total Eclipse - same issue with Hagure... no valid source after ep 11; however, considering there are 5 volumes left in this series, thats too much $$$ to buy off the remaining volumes, which means that if worse case scenario, I finish everything else options 1-3 (which by no means will be quick, might take a few months) and there are still no valid BD sources, most likely I'll be dropping this series... but thats down the line and hopefully now until then, something comes out for this series.

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED + Episodes + Specials) can be located here: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Enjoy these episodes!

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