C3: Cube x Cursed x Curious 12-OVA (Bluray 10-bit)
May 04, 2012

This contains the OVA (unaired episode 13) provided by Hadena Subs, however, it was heavily modified (editing, timing and encoding).  I implemented UTW's fonts, effects, colors, OP/ED into the OVA, so its basically like watching their episode even though they didn't do it.  On UTW's website, they say they will be doing the OVA in the upcoming weeks, but honestly, I wasn't too fond of this series so I want to get it finished and be done with this title. 

I am not entirely sure what I'll release next since I got a shit load of stuff to release, but at least for now... C3 is in the books!

Direct Downloads for C3 can be found here

Enjoy these episodes!

Final Batch
720p - Torrent 1-13
1080p - Torrent 1-13

Edit: Next release will be in a week from now, to seed both final batches of C3 & Fall in Love with Me for Real!  So don't ask about Maken-Ki or any other release until May 11th

 Fall in Love with Me for Real!! 11-12 (Bluray 10-bit)
April 25, 2012 

Sweet!  Another project in the bag!  This was a fun project to work on and it never hurts to have uncensored boobs, right?

I'm still uncertain if I'll pick up a Winter Season title since I picked up Scryed and Hellsing Ultimate, however, the titles I'm taking into consideration are: Brave 10, Senki Zesshou Symphogear and Zero no Tsukaima F... main reason no group has picked them up yet.  If you want me to pick up another title, chances are its already being done by another group, but if you still want me to do it, make a pitch why and I'll see... chances are it won't happen, but never hurts to ask, right?  I will say this though, Kami-Sama Dolls, Fall in Love with Me for Real, Maken-Ki, C3, etc, were all requests... so anything is possible.

Rest of the episodes (DDL + torrents) can be found here Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!

Episode 11
720p - DDLAnime | FileFactory | Torrent 1-12
1080 - FileFactory | Torrent 1-12

Episode 12
720p - DDLAnime | FileFactory | Torrent 1-12
1080 - FileFactory | Torrent 1-12

Edit1: For those wondering about DDLAnime giving those "internal error" messages... apparently they are having issues with PayPal (something about PayPal "eating their money") and might be taking them to court and b/c of this, some of their server bills arent paid off.  DDLAnime believes everything will be fixed by May 1st

Edit2: C3 has an un-aired episode (aka ep 13).  I'm not sure if UTW will be subbing it, so I'll wait a few extra days to see if they sub it, if not, I'll just release episode 12

Devil May Cry Dual Audio 01-06 (Bluray 10-bit)
April 23, 2012    

Bet you weren't expecting this?  Anyways, I hear for those that actually played the games, this anime doesn't do the franchise/video games justice, but I haven't played the games and I really enjoyed this series. 

Most likely my next release will be Maji de Watashi (Fall in Love with Me) and that will be the final episodes (11-12), so the next release will be a final batch.

Direct Downloads can be found here Devil May Cry

Enjoy these episodes!

Mid-Final Batch
720p - Torrent 1-6
1080p - Torrent 1-6

Anime Info

Dual Audio
Flac (1080p)
AAC (720p) 
Subs: Full English Dialog (Source - R1 DVD) 

Michiko to Hatchin 04-09 (Bluray 10-bit)
April 20, 2012   

With a few of my older projects on the verge of ending, I will be able to work more on Michiko to Hatchin, Devil May Cry and Scryed.  Speaking of Scryed, I've already started encoding this series, but I will be looking for some assistance.  Just like with Isekai no Seikishi, I requested some help with the OP/ED and a fan jumped in and provided a neat OP/ED.  I will be looking for the same kind of help with Scryed, so anyone that can make a fancy OP/ED, I'm looking for your help.

Direct Downloads can be found in the usual spot.  

Btw, ReFile has been down for over a week, so I'm assuming it got shut down. I guess I really did jinx the site when I mentioned throughout all this DDL sites turmoil, ReFile was left untouched... doh!  Anyways, a lot of people had suggested DDLAnime and I looked into it and its a really great site for my 720p files (which ReFile was only for my 720p files).  So FileFactory and DDLAnime are now my sites for DDL.

Enjoy these episodes!

Episodes 04 - 09
720p - Torrent 4-9
1080p - Torrent 4-9

Edit: I've decided to pick up Hellsing Ultimate (OVAs not TV series)

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari 10-11 (Bluray 10-bit)
April 15, 2012 

Almost done!  2 more episodes and this title is done =o

I'm not sure what to release next... Michiko to Hatchin or Devil May Cry.  I've also started to encode Scryed, so expect something from that title in a few weeks.

Enjoy these episodes!

Episode 10
480p (8-bit) - FileFactory | ReFile | Torrent 10-11
720p (10-bit) - FileFactory | ReFile | Torrent 10-11
1080p (10-bit) - FileFactory | Torrent 10-11

Episode 11
480p (8-bit) - FileFactory | ReFile | Torrent 10-11
720p (10-bit) - FileFactory | ReFile | Torrent 10-11
1080p (10-bit) - FileFactory | Torrent 10-11

Edit: ReFile still down... maybe its down for good?

Maken-Ki! 07-08 (Bluray 10-bit)
April 12, 2012  
More Maken-Ki!  Anyways, so this release brings me up to date with my current Fall Season titles.  C^3 & Maji de Watashi will be ending with the next release.  I'm not entirely sure what Winter Season titles I'll pick up (if any), but we'll see.

I'm pretty sure people are wondering about the specials and all I can say is that translators are working on them, however, when they'll be finished is entirely in their hands, not much I can do there other than be happy someone is working on them.

Next Maken-Ki! Volume
April 27, 2012

A recent request I accepted was Scryed, so I will be doing Scryed Dual Audio in BluRay, 1080p & 720p.  For now though, enjoy these episodes!

Episode 7
720p - FileFactory | ReFile | Torrent 7-8
1080p - FileFactory | Torrent 7-8

Episode 8
720p - FileFactory | ReFile | Torrent 7-8
1080p - FileFactory | Torrent 7-8

Edit: ReFile is down right now, I'll upload these episodes once it comes back online.

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