Maken-Ki Special 5 "The Forgotten Special" (Bluray 10-bit)
February 26, 2012    

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So, I see why when I was doing Maken-Ki that the specials took so long to be completed by the individuals that were helping me out... its because these specials completely suck working on them.  Watching them is one thing, but working on them is something completely different. 

The subs for Special 5 come via Bowling Ball Fansubs (an Italian group) and of course had to hardsub their subs, so I had to bust out a notepad and type it out line by line, then use google translate and edit the shit outta the lines so it could resemble English, then time from scratch and QC.... ugh, just remembering what I did is frustrating.

Anyways, I will make 1 last final torrent for the specials only, that includes the subs for this special.

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED + Episodes) can be located here: Maken-Ki!

Torrent for Specials ONLY! (version 2)
720p - Torrent 1-6 v2
1080p - Torrent 1-6 v2

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse 06-08 (Bluray 10-bit)
February 20, 2013

So remember when I said episodes 1 & 2 were awesome?  Yeah... so, I'm kinda wondering where that awesomeness went.  If anything, at least these episodes are eye candy.

I'm almost caught up with the current BD volumes.

Enjoy these episodes!

Episode 08
720p - 1Fichier | EmbedUpload | FileFactory | Torrent
1080p - 1Fichier | FileFactory | Torrent 
Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica 7-8 + Special 4 (Bluray 10-bit)
February 16, 2013 

Yay! More Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica! The deep subconscious plot and character development continues... I mean that's why you watch, right? Lol!

Special 4 was made possible by sputnik, huge thanks go to him.

Enjoy these episodes!

Special 04
720p - FileFactory | Torrent
1080p - FileFactory | Torrent 

Note: 10 TB and 2 months later, I've stopped seeding Mirai Nikki, hopefully you already have it otherwise, torrents might be slow. 

Maburaho Dual Audio 13-18 (Bluray 10-bit)
February 12, 2013 

Moar Maburaho!

Quality difference can be seen here: DVD 640x480 vs Final8 BD 952x720

Enjoy these episodes!  

As usual, DDLs (Episodes) can be located here: Maburaho

Tales of Symphonia - Sylvarant - 1st Season 01-04 (Bluray 10-bit)
February 05, 2013   

This mini series is highly under-rated and chances are you haven't seen this series (maybe played the game).   I stumbled upon this series and really enjoyed the 1st season, its a great way to spend 2 hours.

With the 1st season complete, I will work on both the 2nd & 3rd seasons, but after I make my round of releases for the other titles.

As usual, DDLs (Episodes) can be located here: Tales of Symphonia 1st Season

Enjoy Tales of Symphonia 1st Season

Final Torrent
720p - Torrent 1-4

Mysterious Girlfriend X 11-13 + OVA (Bluray 10-bit)
February 02, 2013  

Sorry boys and girls... this took me a bit longer to complete, but it got complete!  I thought this series was a good watch once you get over the whole "drool" thing.  

Now that another series is in the books, I have officially picked up Ebiten and placed Btooom! back on the Future anime list as I am still considering if its worth the time and effort to do when there is already a group releasing this in 10bit and in both 720p/1080p versions.  Before everyone goes "ZOMGWTFBBQ F8, your version will be the best blah blah".  What you guys gotta realize is the time and effort it takes to release something and if there is already a group doing it, what's really the point?  Just so you guys have another option for that series... nope, not gonna waste my time for a reason like that.  The only reason I'd maybe pick up Btooom! in the future is if the other group drops it or their encodes suck and I haven't checked out their version and probably won't until they finish it.

Going back to Ebtien, the TV versions were based on a web rip, so the quality is shitty hence the reason why I'm doing it and the BDs would be a huge improvement.

Sooooo.... about the OVA, I really wanna emphasize that the source was from a DVD, unfortunately the only source for OVA right now is DVD which is why it might look kinda crappy from the rest of the series which were based off a BD source, maybe in the future a BD source might come out for the OVA, but I probably won't do it as I'm happy with what I released.

As usual, DDLs (Creditless OP/ED + Episodes) can be located here: Mysterious Girlfriend X

Enjoy Mysterious Girlfriend X!

Final Torrent
720p - Torrent 1-13 + OVA
1080p - Torrent 1-13 + OVA

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse 03-05 (Bluray 10-bit)
January 30, 2013

Moar Total Eclipse! 

Enjoy these episodes!

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